John McGahon speech to the 77th Fine Gael Ard Fheis.



I am John McGahon. I am 23 and  I am running for Fine Gael in the Dundalk-Carlingford electoral area this May.

I am very confident in the future of my country, because I am confident in the ability of the young people in Ireland, like the young tech entrepreneur starting a company on his laptop, or the young farmer staring out with a few hectares of land ambitious to grow their holding.

Youth unemployment in Ireland has fallen from 33% to 25%. This is the right direction,but yet remains too high. It is imperative that, we as Fine Gael members, at this very Ard Fheis,  recognise the dangerously high level of youth unemployment. That we call on the Government to prioritise young people right across Ireland for training places, apprenticeships and continued education.

Ireland is above the european average for Youth Unemployment. It is a serious issue, one which Minister Finance, Michael Noonan alluded to, when he said ‘unemployment, put the wind beneath the wings of every extremist in Europe’. We need to take heed now, we need active and engaged young people in our workforce, we need to pass this motion.

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